Your new baby has been with you now for more than a week, everything seemed ok at first, but all of a sudden, your puppy seems to always be crying. Anyone that has heard a puppy cry knows that it is not the sound you would want to hear.

The sound of your puppy in pain can be heartbreaking, especially when you do not have any idea what is causing it or how to deal with it.

Luckily there are basic reasons why our puppies cry at this stage, a few of them are listed below.

  1. Your Puppy is hungry.
  2. Your Puppy has issues eliminating waste.
  3. Your Puppy needs the right temperature.
  4. Your Puppy is afraid.
  5. Your Puppy may be in pain or suffering from a medical condition.

Now let’s deal with each of these basic reasons one by one and also ways to manage the problems arising from them.

1.Your Puppy is hungry.

The simplest reason for your puppy to cry is when they are not getting enough food. Puppies just like any other creature in their infancy stage need a lot of feeding and proper nutrition to develop properly.

Puppies are supposed to be fed on average every one to two hours daily. Missing their feeding time leads to hunger which after some period leads to them crying.

There are so many circumstances that can lead to our puppies not being well fed. If their mother is around and they are suckling from her, our puppy may be unable to hold on to a nipple to feed, due to the number of puppies vying for the same nipple. He or she might not be strong enough and the stronger ones end up feeding more, while the weaker one is left out.

This can easily be resolved by making sure that the weaker puppy gets access to suckle for breast milk, there is also the possibility that the puppy’s mom is not producing enough milk to feed her puppies, or that one of her nipples is infected.

In this case, you would have to take control of your puppy’s feeding process.

There is also the situation where your puppy may be an orphan or you adopted him or her without a mom, bearing in mind that you will be responsible for their feeding.

In this case, you would need to be consistent in feeding your puppies (mainly done with a feeding bottle).

When you have taken the necessary steps, if your puppy’s cries are due to hunger, it will stop, if not, then we move to the next reason.

2.Your Puppy has issues eliminating waste.

This is another possibility, especially if you are doing the feeding yourself. Puppies that stay with their mothers at the early stage get help from their mothers when they want to eliminate waste.

The puppy’s mother does this by licking their bottom to stimulate them to eliminate.

You can do this by mimicking the above act. The puppy would usually be experiencing pain, because of the inability to eliminate which in turn causes their stomach to bloat.

So, what are we going to do to relieve our puppy? First, make him suckle for food to initiate the gastro-colic reflex (the process that makes the stool move towards the anus). Now use a warm gauze and rub it on their bottom. This is to imitate the process of the puppy’s mother licking their bottom. The puppy should be able to start eliminating the waste following this process.

Sometimes you may need to burp your puppy to clear any blockage caused by air bubbles in the digestive system.

Once your puppy starts eliminating waste, he or she would probably stop crying and hopefully, things would get back to normal.

3.Your Puppy needs the right temperature

It is no secret that puppies are unable to regulate their temperature when they are young, so your two weeks old puppy crying because of not getting the correct temperature from the environment (lack of warmth) is very possible, especially if it has been ongoing for some time. (If you have ever spent some time in a cold store or a server room, you would know how glad you get when you are out from there).

Young puppies usually get their warmth (or adjust to their wanted temperature) by snuggling up to their mothers, they also get warmth by snuggling up to each other.

There will be situations where the young pup might not be getting the warmth from their mother or maybe you have an orphaned puppy in your hands. Whatever the reason is, the main thing is that you would have to provide warmth for your puppy.

You can provide the warmth your puppy needs by cuddling them yourself, obviously, this is a lot of work and you may not have that much time to spare.

The next best alternative would be to cuddle him or her in some cloth, use some towels or blankets to achieve this. To get the best result, use some of your old cloth or towel. This is because your puppy is more inclined to building a bond with you and anything that has your scent will feel safe and comforting for him.

It will make him or her feel you are not far away and help them relax more.

If the temperature was the problem, then sooner or later, your two weeks puppy would stop crying.

4.Your Puppy is afraid.

Scared puppies cry a lot, they are small, weak, and depending on their experiences in their short life can be very scared of things around them. Normally puppies should just be eating and sleeping ninety percent of the time till they are about three weeks (some earlier).

If they experience things like noisy environments (thunderstorms, loud music, shouting, etc.), accidents (mum mistakenly lying on top of them, falling down, someone mistakenly stepping on them, etc.), or being left alone a long time, they may start to be fearful about where they find themselves.

Crying out is the only way they try to communicate their feeling.
The only thing you can do here is to make sure that their environment is safe and take extra care of your puppies’ comfort.
Your puppy needs to know that he or she is loved and safe in his or her new home.

5.Your Puppy may be in pain or suffering from a medical condition.

Pain and illness is a major reason why your young puppy may be crying nonstop.

There are medical conditions like hypothermia which makes your puppy always have low body temperature, hypoglycemia which means your puppy was born with low blood sugar, birth defects like missing opening in the rear end for the elimination of poo or cleft palate.

There is also the situation where bad milk from their mother or what you are feeding may lead to your puppy having diarrhea or some other digestive problems.

Pain can also come from someone mistakenly stepping on our puppies (seems like an improbable occurrence but it does happen) or their mum lying on top of them mistakenly. Whatever the reason for the pain, any strain on the puppy’s system at this stage would be very painful and most of the time detrimental to the puppy long term.

A quick visit to the animal clinic/hospital is necessary most of the time, issues of medical conditions in a puppy should be an emergency.

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