Right off the bat, you should know that EUSOH is not a traditional pet insurance company. EUSOH is a community-based alternative to the traditional pet insurance company. Here pet parents form groups and take care of the veterinary cost of group members by paying for the costs directly to their members.

There is no need to pay premiums, instead, the community pays for the cost of the veterinary care. In doing so, the community has to be very transparent as to how they do so. This gives the community members something which the traditional pet insurance companies cannot give their members which is power over how their money is actually being spent.

Another important thing with EUSOH is that they don’t keep the funds collected by the community, this even makes them more proficient in approving payment of claims as they do not stand to gain anything by denying members’ claims.

In addition to the above, EUSOH also comes with other positive benefits as we are going to list below.

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No pet age limit for enrollment: There is no minimum or maximum age of enrollment into the EUSOH program, in other words, cats and dogs of any age can benefit from EUSOH.

Takes care of more treatment types than traditional Insurance: A good example of this is treatments like preventive care are handled by the groups at no extra cost. This is something you don’t get with traditional pet insurance companies

Can be used at any veterinarian: Bills from any licensed veterinarian from all over America are accepted.

The pricing structure is very transparent: The company only makes money through the $17 monthly membership fee. Every other thing is open for groups to see and payment goes directly to the vet.

Lavish referral bonus: EUSOH can pay up to $40 for referrals to their program.


Does not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions: Simply put EUSOH will not take care of anything that arises from the pre-existing conditions of your pet.

Have to make a commitment for a year: You have to be in the EUSOH program for at least a year, if you break your commitment before that, you also get to forfeit your deposits

Thirty days waiting period before approval: With EUSOH you have to be a member for a whole 30 days before you can start submitting your claims for reimbursement.

Monthly cost even though capped, varies from month to month: Apart from the fixed monthly subscription fee of $17 for each pet in the program. You get to pay the initial deposit of $48, after that the $48 payment varies depending on the need of the group and community. Even at that, the monthly payment (inclusive of the monthly subscription fee) will not exceed $65.

Offers not customizable: You cannot influence what you get to pay every month. EUSOH gets to decide and spread the cost across the group as they deem fit.


With EUSOH every member gets enrolled in a singular standardized plan. For things like accidents, illnesses, preventive care, and even some holistic care, there are exceptions to what can be covered for example surgery related to spaying and neutering, dental treatments, etc. So, here there will be no need for multiple policies having different coverages and terms. Everybody gets the same deal and it covers everything you need for a pet.

The first thing you should do after signing up with EUSOH is to apply to join one of the groups or as they are called, cost-sharing community. These are often made up of ten members each and as a rule of thumb, each person in the group gets to see the new member’s expenditure on pet health and care for at least six months before asking the person to join the group.

On acceptance, you have a 30-day waiting period before you can be allowed to submit any claim for your vet bills. Just keep in mind that 80% of your cost will be reimbursed. Also, there is an annual deductible of $250. At the end of each month, the reimbursed amount is spread through each member of the group.

Here is a list of some things covered under the EUSOH plan:

  • Exam fees     
  • Procedures     
  • Lab tests     
  • Medication     
  • Continued treatment     
  • Genetic conditions     
  • Preventive care     
  • Microchipping
  • Vaccinations
  • Specialists     
  • Alternative/holistic care     
  • Medical boarding     
  • Cremation/burial


The EUSOH pricing is designed in such a way that every payment made is transparent to all those involved. There is a $17 monthly fee for each pet insured. This monthly fee goes directly to EUSOH and is their only source of remuneration.

You get to pay $48 for your first month and then in subsequent months you get to refill the $48 dollars pending on the amount EUSOH takes from your account to contribute to paying member’s reimbursements. They do this by taking the total of the veterinary cost for individuals in the group and divide it among group members. This way everybody gets to participate in each other’s veterinary expenses for each month.

As earlier stated, your payment each month would not exceed $48 per pet. In most cases, after the first payment, you get to pay lesser of this amount in subsequent months. On average an EUSOH member gets to pay $41 for each dog and $29 for each cat.


With EUSOH, immediately after you get accepted to a group, your 30 days waiting period starts. Simply put, you will not be able to submit any expense you make on your pet to EUSOH for claims within that period. This is done to prevent people signing up to the program knowing that their pet is going to have some major expense around the corner and dropping it on the members to carter for.

This is where traditional pet insurance companies have an edge as the waiting period is lower. As low as 2 days and not higher than 15 days.


Unfortunately, EUSOH does cover pre-existing conditions for your pet. Any condition your pet develops within the first 30 days of joining a group in the community will not be covered. This can be a deal-breaker for most people but we don’t go around expecting the worse for our dogs unless it is something common in their breed.

If your pet has a pre-existing condition and because of it you are unable to join a group in the community, EUSOH will refund your initial deposit and you can look at the traditional insurance companies.

But most can attest that your pet having a pre-existing condition will not affect its chances of finding a group that would be considerate of the condition.


$8,500 is the maximum amount that you can be reimbursed annually by EUSOH. Compared to the traditional pet insurance industry, it may not seem so high, but the amount has been proven to be sufficient on the average for most pets. As far as your pet is not suffering from some complicated condition or needs to get unlimited coverage, $8,500 will do just fine for you.


This is where EUSOH comes out as a better alternative than the traditional pet insurance company. With EUSOH you can insure just about anything for your pet, from accidents and illnesses to preventives and wellness, everything you can imagine is covered by EUSOH.

Most traditional pet insurance companies would not cover wellness care and even when they do it will come as a rider with exorbitant pricing. Having said that EUSOH will not cover things like Flea, tick, and heartworm preventives; spay or neuter surgery; declawing, and dental cleanings. You will have to pay for them out of pocket.


EUSOH claims can be redeemed the same way traditional pet insurance company claims are redeemed. You pay upfront for your pet’s needs when you visit the veterinarian, after which you take a picture of the bill and upload it to EUSOH. An administrator will review your claim and if everything is ok, your reimbursement will be sent to you at the end of the month, usually by direct deposit.

It’s worth keeping in mind that EUSOH keeps track of the average pricing of treatments and procedures for pets across the various geographic regions in the United States. Be sure to discuss these prices with your vet doctor before engaging in treatments as any excess will be born by you.

EUSOH is known to reimburse up to 80% of the cost incurred.


Getting in touch with EUSOH representative is actually very easy. You can do so via email, phone, or web chat through their website. With phone calls, you will only be able to get a response on weekdays(Mondays to Fridays) from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.