This is at the top of our list because every dog naturally tends to love their bones. Raw bones contain minerals, calcium and phosphorus. These are an essential part of our dogs’ diet. Although most commercial dog food contain calcium and phosphorous, there is an advantage in feeding your dog raw bone.

But before we proceed, we need to understand the bone types suitable for our dogs. There are two bone types suitable to feed our dogs and these are edible raw bones and recreational raw bones.

Edible Raw bones: are mainly from chicken wings and neck (sometimes turkey necks). They are hollow, light, soft, and pliable. Naturally lacking in bone marrow but rich in phosphorus, calcium and trace minerals. This is perfect for dogs that are light chewers, heavy chewers often get hurt feeding on this type of bones.

Recreational bones: These are bigger raw bones filled with marrow, usually from larger animals e.g. Cows. They don’t have much nutritional value for our dogs but are an excellent source of mental stimulation. They are also known to have great oral health benefits for our dogs (It is known that recreational bones with cartilages and soft tissues act as dental flosses and natural toothbrushes for our dogs;).