Based in South Florida, SPOT Pet Insurance company has a popular saying “we believe pets make us better humans”. SPOT is actually a new Pet Health Insurance company, formed in 2019. The company was endorsed by the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, and rightfully so. Unlimited annual benefits, customizable deductibles, no lifetime coverage, whatever coverage you want for your dog SPOT pet insurance would have something for you. There is so much flexibility in what you can get from SPOT pet Insurance company and let’s not forget no age limit on the dog being insured.

The company’s mission statement states “Help more pets lead happier, healthier lives” and they seem to be doing that since it came into existence.

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Unlimited Annual Coverage: You can get plans or policies that can give you unlimited coverage depending on what you want exactly.

No Age limit: With SPOT Pet Health Insurance, you can get a cover for your pet regardless the age.

Some Alternative Therapies covered: SPOT Pet Health Insurance takes care of some alternative therapies that most Pet Health Insurance companies would not touch.

Deductibles starting from $100: For most Pet Health Insurance companies, deductibles start from $250, with SPOT Pet Health Insurance, your deductible can start at $100.

Can get 100% coverage Option: Every single penny of the cost of your pets Health care can be taken care of by SPOT Pet Health Insurance.


No customer support on weekends: You can get Customer support only Mondays to Friday

Bilateral Condition Polices:

Premiums higher than normal for young pets: Depending on the plan you choose, the premiums you pay may be on the high side when compared to other Pet Health Insurance companies.

SPOT not doing the underwriting: United States Fire Insurance Company underwrites all Spot Pet Insurance plans.

SPOT Plans

SPOT Pet Health Insurance offers two main plans, the Accident-only plan, and the Accident and illness plan. There are two other plans, the Gold preventative plan and the Platinum preventative plan which are mainly for routine and preventive care.

The accident-only plan covers things like injuries, swallowed objects, toxic ingestions, and anything that arises from an accident. If you are on a tight budget and just looking for coverage for your pet in emergency situations, the accident-only plan will be best for you.

The Accident and illness plan on the other hand covers everything that the Accident-only plan covers, including things like general illnesses, behavioral issues, dental disease, hip dysplasia, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more. The Accident and illness plan is a more comprehensive plan and is usually the best plan to go for if you want more complete coverage for your pet.

The Gold Preventive plan works best as an add-on to the Accident and illness plan. This is because it covers mainly routine and preventive procedures and in itself might not have much value purchasing the plan alone.

The Platinum preventative plan does the same thing as the but is a more expensive option.

SPOT Pricing

Pricing for the SPOT Pet Health Insurance plans has many dependencies, you have to take into consideration things like your pet’s breed, age, zip code, plan chosen, reimbursement level, and more. Having said that, on average for dogs you get to pay a monthly premium between the ranges of $16 to $100 while for cats, on average you get to pay a monthly premium between the ranges of $14 to $50.

The Gold preventive plan can cost you $9.95 extra per month and it comes with a limit of $250 per treatment limit per year. The Platinum preventative plan can cost you $24.95 extra per month and it comes with a limit of $450 per treatment limit per year.

SPOT Waiting Periods

Spot has a waiting period of 14 days for both accident and illness plans. This seems to be on the high side as some Pet Health Insurance companies have two day waiting period for injuries.

Dealing with Pre-Existing Conditions.

Just like other traditional Pet Health Insurance companies, SPOT Pet Insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions for your pet. However, if your pet has a condition during the period you enrolled them into the program and can go 180 days without going for further treatment or showing any symptoms that it is going to come back. SPOT will consider removing it as a pre-existing condition for you.


SPOT Pet insurance offer annual limits in tiers, you will get $2,500 $4,000 $5,000 $7,000 $10,000 to Unlimited. The reimbursement percentage ranges from 70% to 80% to $90. This of course goes for just the accident-only plan and the accident and injury plan.

For the Gold preventative plan and Platinum preventative plan, the coverage annually is $250 and $450 respectively. Here is a break down of what the limit looks like:

Types of Coverage Gold Preventive Care Platinum Preventive Care
Dental cleaning
$150 (also goes toward spay or neuter)
Wellness exam
Flea/heartworm prevention
Canine heartworm or feline FELV test
Blood test
Health certificate
Total annual benefit


Generally, SPOT Pet Insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. Other conditions that will be excluded are knee and ligament conditions, grooming, boarding, elective procedures, cosmetic procedures, breeding, anal gland expression, herbal products, and funeral services.


Redeeming your claims with SPOT Pet Insurance is easy, you first pay your vet bill as you should normally do and take make a copy of the bills electronically and submit the claim to SPOT through their website. If you have already enrolled with SPOT you would be given login details. Log in, upload your bill and follow the simple instructions there. An email should be sent to you immediately on their receipt of your claim.

You can also monitor the status of your claims through their site


You can reach SPOT customer service through email or by phone call. Customer service is only available on weekdays from Monday 8:00 am to Friday 8:00 pm Eastern time.

Phone number 1-866-310-3968