Fetch by the Dodo was previously known as PetPlan. In 2021 they PetPlan partnered with The Dodo, which was a well-known pet brand and they formed Fetch by the Dodo. In this short period, they have insured approximately 300,000 pets (both dogs and cats).

With its headquarter in New York City, Fetch by the Dodo is known to have approximately 200 employees working both in the United States and Canada. They are known to offer only accident and illness plans and deal directly with their customers through their website. You will get access to their service in all the states in the U.S and also in most parts of Canada



Exam fees are covered: Your vet emergency visits, specialist fees, and office examination fee are all covered under your FETCH BY THE DODO policy.

Quick reimbursements: Your payment can be reimbursed as fast as in two days’ time. Put this into consideration that most companies will take over 30 days to disperse their reimbursement and you will start to understand the quick growth which FETCH BY THE DODO has enjoyed in the pet health insurance space.

Various Discounts readily available: Depending on who is purchasing the policy, there are discount offers on your premium for veterans and active military officials, shelter and rescue adopters, veterinary staff, and more.

Young pets eligible: Most pet health insurance companies would not provide a cover for pets younger than eight weeks or older than twelve years. FETCH BY THE DODO would provide a cover for pets as young as six weeks and there is also no upper age limit for them.



No unlimited annual benefits: FETCH BY THE DODO’s annual benefit is capped at $15,000

No preventive care coverage: FETCH BY THE DODO does not take into consideration wellness or preventive care plans. So things like your pet’s vaccinations and routine care will have to be paid for by you out of pocket.

There is a 6-month waiting period for hip dysplasia: Even though FETCH BY THE DODO offers a 15 days waiting period for accidents. The exception to this rule is if the pet has hip dysplasia. FETCH BY THE DODO has a six months waiting period for this, unlike other pet health insurance companies that include it in the normal waiting period.

Shorter deadlines to submit claims: FETCH BY THE DODO has a 90 days window in which your claim should be submitted (that is from the date of treatment or examination) while other pet health insurance companies can offer as long as 270 days to submit their own claim.


You get only one plan with FETCH BY THE DODO. The accident and illness plan. Simply put, you will get reimbursed for any treatment that arises due to an unexpected injury or illness like cancer treatment, surgeries, and more. As we have already mentioned, FETCH BY THE DODO does not offer optional riders but the main policy is packed with benefits that most pet health insurance companies don’t offer.

Some of these benefits are:

Vacation cancellation: If your pet gets injured or falls ill during a period when you made vacation plans and leading you to cancel them. FETCH BY THE DODO can reimburse you up to $1,000 of your vacation cost.

Rewards for lost pet adverts: If you lost your pet and spent some money advertising and offering rewards for finding them. FETCH BY THE DODO can reimburse you up to $1,000 for the amount spent.

Boarding fees: If your cat or dog is hospitalized and stays 4 or more days in the hospital. FETCH BY THE DODO is more likely to be responsible for such charges up to $1,000.

Here are some treatments and things covered under the accident and illnesses plan:

  • Exam fees      
  • Emergency and office exams      
  • Genetic and congenital conditions      
  • Diagnostics or testing      
  • Surgery and hospitalization      
  • Cancer and chronic conditions   
  • Specialist care  
  • Non-routine dental   
  • Prescription medication   
  • Holistic and chiropractic care      
  • Behavioral therapy



A subscriber to the FETCH BY THE DODO pet insurance plan is known to pay about $25 a month for cats and $35 per month for dogs. How wide your payment will vary will be based on the option you choose. For example, you will have to choose the annual benefit limit you want, your Reimbursement Percentage, and the deductible you will want to pay.

Your annual benefit limit options are $5,000, $10,000, and $15,000. Reimbursement Percentages are 70%, 80%, and 90%, and Deductible are $300, $500, and $700

You can also get up to a 10% discount if you find yourself in any of these groups:

  • Veterinarians
  • Veterinary staff or workers
  • AARP members
  • Shelter adopters
  • Rescue adopters
  • Veterans and active military personnel    
  • Support, comfort, and therapy for pet owners

You can pay less if you make payments for your premium annually and if you go a year or two without filing a claim, you can get up to a 30% discount for your purchased plans.

Other factors that can affect the premiums you will be required to pay are: Your pet’s age, breed, where you live, and as already stated above the plan or coverage you choose. One good thing about FETCH BY THE DODO Pricing is that you can get all the information you need about it from their website. You get all the quotes you need and will be able to customize it according to all the factors mentioned above to give you the amount you need to pay.


The waiting period for FETCH BY THE DODO is 15 days, the only exception is if your pet has hip dysplasia. In that case, you may have to wait six months before the policy can take effect.


Pre-existing conditions are not covered by most Pet Health Insurance companies and FETCH BY THE DODO is no different, however, there are certain conditions that if they are curable, would be excluded from your pet’s policy as a pre-existing condition. Your pet would have to not show signs or symptoms of these conditions for at least a year from the last occurrence.

If your pet can go through this phase, then this curable condition will no longer be regarded as a pre-existing condition.

This provides an opportunity that you can take advantage of. Some clients have been known to take curable conditions out of their pre-existing conditions list yearly, this is something you can’t do with most pet health insurance companies.


FETCH BY THE DODO does not offer unlimited limits or lifetime limits. Their coverage limit starts at $5,000 on the low end to $15,000 on the high end. This high end is sufficient enough to handle most pet expenses within the year. These coverage limits are annual which means they get to be reset for you to the default amount every year.


Here are some important exclusions to note if you will be obtaining coverage from FETCH BY THE DODO:

  •     Prescription foods
  •     Routine or preventative care
  •     Experimental treatments
  •     Microchipping
  •     Routine dental
  •     Heartworm/FELV/blood/fecal exams
  •     Heartworm/flea/tick prevention
  •     Spay/neuter
  •     Vaccination/titer


FETCH BY THE DODO operates on stricter rules when it comes to redeeming your claims. If your cat or dog falls ill or is injured, you are expected to visit your vet doctor or your veterinary clinic within 48 hours of the occurrence so that they can be treated.

After this, you are expected to submit your claim 90 days from the date of the injury or illness occurrence.

Claims can be filed online, all you need to do is fill out the claim form online and attach your payment receipt or invoice for payment. When verified, claims can be reimbursed as fast as in 2 days’ time. Normally it can take 15 days for claims to be reimbursed. 2 days for direct deposits and 15 days for payment via check.


You can access their customer service via phone, email, or chat. If you reach out during business hours, you are likely to be attended to by staff, but during business hours, you may be attended to by an automated chatbot. The good thing here is that customer support is available 24 hours.

Phone number – (866) 509-0163
Email – info@fetchpet.com
Business hours – 9 am to 6 pm EST, Monday to Friday