Smallish in size, squished little faces with wrinkled foreheads. A pug is one of the most recognizable dog breeds out there. Hailing from China and known as a lapdog for Chinese royalty in the Shang Dynasty. They are very expressive dogs and are known as the jokers in the dog world.

They are the perfect fit for a family with kids as their smallish, muscular body and wrinkled face give that feel of doggy protection while their mischievous character keeps being around them interesting which brings us to protecting them at least with Pug insurance.

It does not matter the pug’s age, they all need some kind of pug insurance for their protection from accidents and also their health needs. We will try to explain more why your pug needs pug insurance and do some comparisons between different pet insurance companies that offer pug insurance.


Because they are pure breeds, Pugs are more predisposed to be afflicted by some genetic health problems in contrast with mixed breeds. Paying an unexpected expense of $5,000 to $10,000 out of pocket for a vet bill is going to impact many pet owners negatively. Some might not just be able to pay this cost.

This is why it is important to get pet insurance for your pug or as we are fondly calling it “pug insurance”. Pug insurance will help you manage all the financial risks that come with owning a pug and the accompanying health costs. Nobody wants their pug to fall sick, but if it occurs, your pug insurance comes in handy. It is like having that thing that you never want to use, but if an event arises that you need to use it, then you just use it.

Reimbursements can range from 70% of the cost to the full payment depending on who is providing the pug insurance coverage for you. As you can see again, getting pug insurance helps to take care of your dog at all stages of their life. Basically, having this pug insurance can be a lifesaver for your pug.

Luckily, all veterinary clinics and animal hospitals in the United States accept pet insurance. You may opt for the reimbursement to be paid directly to the vet or the reimbursement made to you and then you pay the vet bill. It is all a matter of choice and the company which is providing your pug the insurance.

So in summary, whether you take your pug to an animal hospital, vet clinic, or mobile clinic, pug insurance would be highly instrumental in reducing your out-of-pocket cost for any accident or illness that might afflict your pug.


We all want and try to do things for our pugs to have a healthy life. Unfortunately, as living things, our pugs are prone to some illnesses. Here are some major ones and the possible cost of dealing with them.

As the name implies, this ulcer affects the pug’s eyes. Normally, a pug should have big, round, dark eyes. This attribute helps to give the pug its soft and attractive look. But this attractive feature also makes the pug’s eyes prone to problems. Some signs of corneal ulcer or other eye problems in a pug include but are not limited to your pug trying to always keep their eyes closed, discharge from the eye area, your pug squinting the eye in pain and even lack of visual use even when in motion.

A visit to your vet doctor is highly advised in this situation.

Risk Level: High
Average Cost: $900

A pug’s physical structure makes them have a compact respiratory airway naturally. This means from time to time your pug might find it hard to breathe. There is also the possibility that he or she may have problems panting, which implies that they may have problems cooling themselves down in hot seasons or after an exercise.

More extreme problems from breathing may be that they are easily susceptible to allergies, prone to obesity problems, and also prone to digestive problems.

Risk Level: High
Average Cost: $1200

Pugs are also prone to disk problems. A good example would be the intervertebral disc disease. This occurs when the cushioning between individual vertebrae bursts or bulges. Probable symptoms include anxious behavior, crying, and an unwillingness to jump. usually’ pain and discomfort. This can be managed by exercising your dog and placing them on some medication. The worst-case scenario is having them undergo surgery.

Risk Level: High
Average Cost: $3000

Epilepsy is a disorder that causes the pug’s brain to become overactive, sending conflicting signals all over the body and resulting in the pug having a seizure. It is one of those conditions that are hard to watch when your pug is having it because you are more or less helpless in helping them at the moment of the epileptic fit.

Most epileptic conditions can be managed by medication, so seek veterinary advice from your vet doctor immediately if your pug is epileptic.

Risk Level: High
Average Cost: up to $400

The medical name Cheyletiella dermatitis is a mild but very contagious skin disease. This disease is caused by mites, tiny in size. It is easily spread to other dogs and animals and unlike most skin conditions your pug will experience very little itching. On the flip side, the pug will have a lot of dandruff and will be spreading this everywhere it goes.

If you notice any of these things seek help from your vet doctor.

Risk Level: High
Average Cost: up to $140

A condition that affects the pug’s joints. Limping, crying out in pain, slow movement and in extreme situations, lameness are symptoms of this condition. Most dogs are stoic in nature and would go to severe lengths to hide their pain so, in a situation where these signs are obvious, you should assume that the condition is already serious and seek medical help for your dog.

Risk Level: High
Average Cost: up to $2000

NB. There are so many other health conditions that a pug might be affected by, but the above are the major leaders of health conditions your pug might suffer from. Be observant and always seek advice if you feel something is out of place.


Getting your pug insurance from the right pet insurance company is key not just for you but also for your pug. You see, you don’t want to go with a company and when your pug finally needs to redeem a claim, you find out that the particular illness being treated is not covered. A lot can come into play especially when there is an exclusion list in play.

Having said that, here are some pet insurance companies that have had good records with paying out claims to pug parents.

8 weeks
270 days
9 days
7 weeks
180 days
7 days
0 weeks
90 days
10 days
8 weeks
180 days
8 days
8 weeks
90 days after end of policy term
1 to 7 days
8 weeks
270 days
9 days
6 weeks
90 days
6 days


There is no fixed cost for getting insurance for your pug. Different factors will affect how much you will end up paying for your pug insurance. These factors are:

The breed of the dog – In this case, you are insuring a pug and all the possible health problems and their cost will be taken into consideration when the pet insurance company computes a quote for you.

The age of the pug – The Younger your pug the cheaper the cost of getting insurance for them, this changes as it gets older. The idea behind this is that older pugs are more likely to be experiencing health issues than younger pugs.

The number of pugs – The more pugs you want to get insurance for the more expensive your insurance will be. A silver lining here is that most pet insurance companies offer discounts when you try to get insurance for multiple pets.

Your location – Population density, state laws, pet health statistics in that area, all these can affect the cost of your pug insurance.

NB. There are add-ons or endorsements in the pet insurance space which are defined as riders. They aim to bring additional benefits to your pug insurance for things that were not covered in the main policies. You should consider exploring these riders and finding out whether they have offers that your pug might need.

Examples of things covered under riders are holistic treatments, vaccines, prescription food, behavioral training, routine vet examinations, and more.

Finally, it is important that you consider not just what the pug insurance policy will cost you today, but to also take into consideration your pug’s lifespan and purchase a pet insurance policy that can sustain him or her for that period.

For example, it makes no sense to get cheap pet insurance with a limit of $5000, when your pug might likely get surgery for $10,000. Different policies will offer you different rates, and all of this can lead to an increase in the premium you will be required to pay, no matter which pets insurance company you go with.

In simple terms, the cheapest pug insurance available may not be able to help you take care of your pug when he or she has an accident or falls ill.


As we said earlier pugs have their origin in ancient China. These small toy dogs a perfect companions and so many people both adults and children fall in love with them easily. They are very social dogs, loving, loyal, and love to follow their owners around, usually weighing 6kg and 8kg as adults, size 25cm-36cm, and can live up to 10 years.


Pugs don’t really require much exercise, they adjust easily to the tempo whether indoor or outdoor. The normal recommendation would be an hour of exercise daily, whether it is just walking around the neighborhood or running in the backyard.

They are heat sensitive so limit their movement outdoors, especially during hot seasons and provide a comfortable place for them indoors during this time. As puppies avoid stressful or hard play with them as this can affect their joints negatively.

When it comes to feeding, pugs are prone to obesity so it is very important to control what they eat. Providing them food twice a day is usually ok but this is dependent on their age, size, and level of activity. It is always better to seek a vet’s advice on the best feeding strategy to use for your pug.

When it comes to grooming, it is important to groom your pug regularly as they are prone to molting. Brush their hair regularly (if possible once daily) to remove loose or dead hair. Bathing them once a month is also recommended. When doing this, take special care of their folds especially in the facial region so as not to injure them or leave a sore in the process. The use of wipes is recommended here.

Also, check their noses and their eyes. The noses to remove dirt in them and their eyes to prevent infections. Using a moist cotton pad to clean the eye region is recommended.

In conclusion, taking care of your pug in addition to providing them the best possible pug insurance will certainly provide your pug with the best life you can think of giving them, your pug will be happy, you will be happy and all of you can focus on enjoying the little things of life together.